Anti-Racism 101: Required Skills for White People Who Want to be Allies

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The complete curriculum will be available on September 1, 2020.

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This online course centers on one big idea: that anti-racism is anything that actually interrupts and dismantles racism. As a 101 course, the content will focus on defining anti-racism, identifying anti-racism, and practicing anti-racism by interrupting racism. The three sessions will roughly fall under these categories: theory (big idea), practice [working with the big idea), and personal (implementing the big idea).

Anti-racism - acts of interrupting and dismantling racism - is at the heart of what we are called to do and be. Blindspots among white folks keep us perpetrating racism even as we claim to want to be doing anti-racism. This resource is a brave space conversation – with those of us who are white challenging us to do the personal work necessary to interrupt and dismantle racism in our own lives, in our practices, and in our thinking by providing the foundational information, internalization, and interruptions necessary for any white person to engage in anti-racism work.

As white folks, the system of racism benefits and protects us. In order to truly be allies in the fight against racism, we must learn how to interrupt and dismantle it, even/especially as we learn how much we benefit from and still perpetrate it. Anti-racism is the work necessary to do so. For those just starting and for those already committed to this work, there are foundational ideas and actions that are necessary for this work to help and not do harm. A 101 course provides the necessary foundational work for all white (would be) allies and an entry point that does not require prior work.

By taking this course, folks will:

  1. Learn how to explain anti-racism to your church siblings or family;
  2. Build your skills in interrupting racism in real time;
  3. Practice becoming stronger against white fragility – overcome the temptation to give up when the realties of racism become intense.
  4. Create a foundational toolbox to interrupt and dismantle racism that will ground any other anti-racism work you do.

This is a self-directed online course with readings, videos, and worksheets to help you take the course at your own pace.