What to Expect

Devotions: Devotions can be used individually or in a group setting, but for the purposes of your work as a delegate, ensure that everyone in the group is a delegate. Even when the devotions don’t ask specific questions about your work as a delegate, having your group made up of delegates ensures that service as a delegate is always in the back of your mind. Each devotion includes scripture, a devotional passage, and questions to consider. Individually, they can serve as your personal time with God. As a group, the devotion can serve as a guide for group reflection and learning.

Implicit Bias Teaching & Questions: In each module you will learn about one aspect of implicit bias. Sections are comprised of an overarching journey of read this, watch this, and try this with a “quiz” at the end to help you remember the big ideas. The content is an introduction to the topic of implicit bias, inviting you to use what you learn as you serve as a delegate, and even beyond!

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