What to Expect

For everyone:

Devotions: Devotions can be used individually or in a group setting. Each devotion includes scripture, a devotional passage, and questions to consider. They can be used individually to prepare teachers for other learning engagements in that section they will facilitate with their classes, or for preachers as they begin their sermon preparation for the week. In a group setting, the devotion serves as a guide for group meditation, reflection, and even action.

Implicit Bias Teaching & Questions: In each module you will learn about one aspect of implicit bias. This includes a short essay to read and reflect on, a video to watch, an exercise to try, and a quiz to reinforce what you have learned. This content is simply an introduction to the topic of implicit bias, inviting you to continue your journey with additional trainings and courses as you integrate this content into your life and your work in our world.

For preachers:

Possible Texts: Each application module offers two possible texts that relate to its area of implicit bias (recognizing, questioning, transforming). Each text is followed by a brief commentary as a possible way to think about the text in dialogue with that section’s information about implicit bias. These commentaries can be considered the outcome of asking implicit bias interpretation questions of the text. Preachers can use these texts as options for sermonic texts and use “thought threads” as they would a commentary during sermon preparation.

Questions for Biblical Texts / Sermon Prep: In addition to the possible texts each application module includes questions for Biblical texts to help us interpret it using the lens of implicit bias without hindering the text speaking from its original context. These will help us think about where, if at all, implicit bias is functioning in any text we decide to use for a sermon.

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